Raster calculator arcgis 10 nodata

I'm using ArcGIS , but I also have access to QGIS EDIT: I saw the QGIS Raster Calculator: Need values to be set to 0 instead of no data question, but I can't find the "Reclassify grid cells" tool. I just have "Reclassify grid values". Nov 28,  · In both version 10 and , the Con tool can be used outside of the Raster Calculator to create a new raster with reset NoData (Null) values. However the Raster Calculator may also be used to call the Con and IsNull tool to perform the same task. The syntax is different in and in Examples are shown below. Mar 17,  · Raster Calculator: Fill in NoData. I have a DEM that has missing points due to ponding water, how do I go into raster calculator and give the no data points a value, so I can fill them in with ArcHydro? Thanks Mark Campbell. timothy_hales-esristaff May 16, AM. Correct Answer. Yeah, I'm pretty sure FocalMean does not work for Reviews: 9. The simplest and fastest way to replace NODATA with something else, is map algebra/raster calculator: enter image description here. It works. Cells can also have a NoData value to represent the absence of data. Sometimes there are homogeneous areas in a raster dataset that the you do not want to. Remove NoData values in a raster using ArcGIS To do this, use Raster Calculator located at: Demarcation of endorheic basins in ArcGIS.