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Tor/Sufjan Stevens- "Illinoize" If you like Sufjan Stevens, and you like rap music (at least rap music set to the music of skinny white guys), definitely check out the Illinoize album, a mashup by some guy named Tor. Basically, he took some exisiting rap songs and set them to the music of songs from Sufjan. Tor & Sufjan Stevens - Illinoize: The Remix Tape W ith the vastness of the internet many things go unnoticed and undiscovered. This remix project by producer Tor just proves the fact there is incredible music floating around but you have to dig for it. Illinoize, a Mixtape by Tor & Sufjan Stevens. Released in on n/a. Genres: Mashup, Hip Hop/5(). Eric Peters's Scarce; Radiohead's In Rainbows; Sufjan Stevens's Illinois Sufjan Stevens, for making songs about faith accessible to hipsters. . Tor - Illinoize .. But in my case, AHP is taking the audio output of Firefox and recording it as an. Firefox zero-day: Mozilla races to patch bug used to attack Tor browser users .. Sufjan Stevens Sufjan Stevens, You're Awesome, My Music, Elevator, Sloth. or Another Side of Bob Dylan: Midwestern Isolationist Paper by Tor Egil Førland. 4 - Bob Dylan Morph May require Firefox and Ogg support - ( Riceball) from 14 - Your Weekly Dylan Cover (#2) Sufjan Stevens - Ring Them Bells - (The.