Hide visited links firefox

Aug 14,  · It appears as if on, my visited links do not get cleared when I clear private data. But, I tested with a few other sites by clicking a link, going back a page, seeing that link is now purple, closing the browser, going back to that page and the link is no longer purple. Firefox 10 Color Visited links I read how the instructions on how to "Go into options and uncheck the "web page choose their own colors" but the pages get really get messed up looking *losing their colors and format appearance. A "most visited, getting started, free hotmail etc" extension has appeared just below the navigation bar. it takes up room and I do not need it. I cannot get rid of it without also getting rid of the navigation bar. The customize options do not offer any solution. I have the latest firefox (installed last week). Links that have been visited are DeepPink -- */ a:visited { color: Perhaps wasn't aware yet of the hidden prefs when writing that macro long ago? Or there was . Use Firefox if you think it is a K-meleon problem. It is exactly. Disable Visited Links – Add-ons for Firefox - Not compatible with Did you know that visited link styles allow websites to elicit web history? [1]. All major Web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google what pages you've visited, you need to clear the links of visited Web pages. the "History" option and click "Delete" to remove all websites saved in the History.