Fixer error 1015 firefox

Jun 28,  · So in the everyday testing/jailbreaking process we run into a multitude of issues and errors. Mainly the errors occur when trying to restore to custom firmwares or downgrading existing firmwares. Always ending up in recovery mode (Connect to iTunes and the plug). Firefox can't load websites but other browsers can - if you can view websites in browsers other than Firefox. Fix problems connecting to websites after updating Firefox - if you experience connection problems after updating Firefox. Jul 06,  · Had same prob for days, ran blackra1n which left iPhone with a dim screen. after tht I ran iREB! It freakn wrkd!!!! go figure. (wasnt jailbroken with blackra1n to begin with, was just deserate)Author: Rohit Khurana. How to fix the spooler issue, How to fix the spooler problem, Printer spooler missing, .. Windows7 with HP Color Laser Jet – CM MFP. Firefox now opens but windows still tells me the active directory domain service. As shown in demo, iTunes error is tackled quite easily with RecBoot I tried wif mozilla firefox but the file just go missing after download. The error is a common problem for iPhone users who are either trying to restore their device, or want to upgrade it. The error most commonly shows on.