Change bot difficulty insurgency

Insurgency a guest Apr 6th, Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks ins_bot_change_difficulty 1 //When to change bot difficulty, 1 = instantly, 0 = when new bots are added. ins_bot_count_checkpoint 12 //A set bot count for Checkpoint. Aug 11,  · I am new to insurgency and I gotto say I like this game a lot in coop. Especially when playing with friends. However, I notice the bots are insanely good at aiming. A bit too good. Almost like they have aimbot + wallhack. Is there any ways to adjust the bots difficulty? And how do I know what difficulty my server is currently running on? Thanks a lot. Aug 26,  · [English] Hi guys, I'm creating a plugin, but I do not know how to add bots to the insurgency team. I tried using CreateFakeClient (name), but . that's honestly about it in terms of highest bot difficulties. see jaredballou/insurgency-data/tree/master/cfg/include/bots The. afaik it is set to 1 by default so bot difficulty changes instantly after you config. Game-Server-Configs/Insurgency/cvars/ ins_bot_change_difficulty: 1: "sv", "nf": When to change bot difficulty, 1 = instantly, 0 = when new.