Attribute not working in firefox

Firefox displays no border around the checkboxes, and also teh file input box still has another border within it - the same shaded 3d shaped border that windows uses by default. Internet Explorer does not process the borders around the dropdown boxes, and also the checkmarks still show the original windows-style borer inside xbook.infos: 3. Nov 22,  · This is in Firefox. In Chrome it handles it properly. Now on to try to figure out why it is not working in my original script. Jul 04,  · CSS: margin attributes not working in Firefox - posted in Web Development: This is one of the more interesting problems that I have encountered in developing my website. IE is working, but Firefox is failing!Essentially, the problem is that I have a containing div, contentMain, that is parent to one div, contentBar, which has two horizontally stacked child div elements, infoBoxL and infoBoxR. As per this blog post "To make an element draggable set draggable attribute to " true". However this is not enough to make elements draggable. The Firefox behavior would be correct. The alt attribute was never intended to be a tooltip. A tooltip could be any supplemental information and should be added. Not really a jQuery bug since it's reproducible using native DOM methods too (in Firefox, not Chrome): ​ To get it to work, you can.