You aint got nothing on me

What does the phrase “He got nothing on me” mean? Ask Question 5. I was listening a song by Charlie Puth and he says: Superman got nothing on me. What does it mean? "Got nothing on me" is a common phrase for saying that something has no advantages over or is in no way superior to another thing (or person in this case). Lil' Wayne You Aint Got Nothing On Me Lyrics. You Aint Got Nothing On Me lyrics performed by Lil' Wayne: [Fabolous:] I'm with a hundred and one niggas we dalmation doggy. nothing in comparison to you; does not compare to you. as far as looks are concearned that girl has got nothing on me #dont compare #dont match up #not as good as #not close #dont meet my qualities. Waylon - Ain't got nothing on me. It's 5 o'clock, time to face the wind. Put the door on lock, tip my hat and grin. There's too much pain, I won't be back. No more. Example: "When it comes to throwing touchdowns, those three guys ain't got nothin' on me!". Lyrics to 'You Ain't Got Nothing On Me' by Lil Wayne. I'm with a hundred and one niggas, we Dalmatian doggy deep / And fly with the tongue so if you feelin.