Vagrant forward port nginx

Vagrant's port forwarding not working [closed] I had the same problem on CentOS w/ NGINX and found the answer to be in the iptables on the vagrant box. Vagrant port forwarding from Macos to Ubuntu not working. Related. Change Vagrant port forwarding on a running system. well, NGINX is properly configured with uwsgi. if I make it listen on port 80 and forward the port 80 to on vagrant, NGINX is responding. The opposite doesn't work. Otherwise netstat -an | grep 80 is giving me a long list, seems that my 80 is used by other processes. kubectl port-forward binds to and doesn't allow you to define a bind address. The traffic from your Windows host machine hits the main network interface of your Vagrant . vagrant box add hashicorp/precise Add configuration to Vagrantfile. $ vim Vagrantfile. Set precise32 as default box. Set port forwarding from. But right now changed my nginx config (in vm) like this: . Vagrant can forward ports from the VM to the host so they are accessable as they. Port forwarding allows you to specify ports on the guest machine to share via a port on the host machine. This allows you to access a port on your own machine, .