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Definition of tomtom in the dictionary. Meaning of tomtom. What does tomtom mean? Information and translations of tomtom in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions . TomTom Home is application allowing to link your GPS TomTom to your computer to download cards, add-ons and update the apparatus/5(6). Portable GPS voice-activated car navigation system. A acronym for a Thompson SubMachine Gun, otherwise known as a Tommy Gun. Used in the Nicki Minaj single, "Massive Attack" in reference to 'attacking' the modern music industry with 'destructive' and catchy songs. [Read Online] Collins German Dictionary Pdf. Book file PDF easily for everyone Dictionary Pdf file PDF Book only if you are registered here. TomTom Home. Tom-tom definition: A tom-tom is a tall narrow drum that is usually played with the hands. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. tom-tom translations: trống cơm. Learn more in the Cambridge English- Vietnamese Dictionary.