Tmux vs gnu screen

tmux is fairly new compared with GNU screen. Advantages / Disadvantages is a tough question, as both programs solve approximately the same problem. tmux is BSD licensed while screen is GNU GPL. This matters to some people. screen is more represented (on Linux) at the moment, that is, you are more likely to find it on a given linux box than tmux. tmux vs GNU screen display. Ask Question 2. 1. I want to know the display difference between tmux and GNU screen. sorry that I don't know how to search it in google, so I ask it here first. In GNU screen, after exiting vim, what vim displayed stays there, uncleared. but in tmux, after exiting vim, the screen is repainted, returning to the. i ended up a bit more global than oy multiplexing terminal, as my main workstation is under GNU/linux, and i wanted to recover my full session remotely and locally (like we would do with rdp), i use x2go. i instantiate a remote sessions with x2go client, even locally, and i can pause and resume it from any remote machine. If you are well served by screen, or if tmux doesn't address any shortcoming of screen, then I see no point in switching. My biggest reason for switching would be . I evaluated switching from screen to tmux. tmux is a much younger project with some vocal advocates online. After looking into the differences. They provide PTYs and others build Screen, Tmux, dtach, and I'm sure For instance, Windows Putty + GNUScreen allows me to temporary.