Tf2 femscout voice audio

Nov 05,  · Hey and today I will quickly show you how to Download and install Skins and Sound in TF2. If you have a Question leave it in the comments and I Appreciate a. So these sound files are format. in one of the updates that came out after this sound mod was made, valve updated tf2 so all the sounds are in mp3 format. you have to convert all of the wavs to mp3's for it to work:) I recommend getting a sound-editing program and using that to convert them. A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Sound Mod in the Character Voice category, by Testsubject DustyOldRoses Femscout Soundpack [MP3 FIX] | Team Fortress 2 Sound . Download all of them Female Scout Sound: download/ Female Scout Model link. Original Sound Pack made by DustyOldRoses for TF2 - xbook.infonana. com/sounds/ SteamPipe Sound Pack made by. Sounds: Dialog Female Spy Voice Pack Link of the right femscout: Olivia Mann, the supposed daughter of overall TF2 universe antongist.