Targeted device family x code 4

May 20,  · There’s a “Targeted Device Family” build setting in Xcode for iOS apps. 1 means iPhone. 2 means iPad. 4 means Apple Watch. So, what’s 3? AM - 20 May Twitter may be over capacity or experiencing a momentary hiccup. Jan 11,  · I just tried to create a default module project through Studio, using GA, then opened the project in Xcode. Looking at Targeted Device Family I indeed see iPhone and not iPhone/iPad. So looks like a bug with Titanium's default settings for modules. Aug 14,  · I just had an app approved last week (which I had compiled with Targeted Device Family = iphone) and its come up on the store as for iphone + iPad (not good as I set the GUI text objects to fixed pixel position for iphone so it looks all wrong on iPad) So have i missed something or has something changed in Unity or Xcode 4. It also affects your target's Targeted Device Family build setting: iPad The app The latest system your app can run on: in Xcode 4, you have just one choice. iPhone/iPod touch is 1, iPad is 2, and universal (iPhone and iPad) is 1,2. In ios App First Release we made a mistake as,I need to change the Targeted Device family only for iphone means iam getting.