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May 10,  · Here we are, my dear readers, at the conclusion of it all. Taisho x Alice Vol. 1 was released today. And boy, was it quite the game release! Here's some required reading before continuing on: Taisho x Alice to Be Localized E2 Gaming's Appearance at Oni-Con We all caught up now? Alrighty, let's . Taishou x Alice Heads&Tails: Description. When you went through the mirror, you arrived in a topsy-turvy world. When you came to, you were wandering through a world filled with total darkness. You did not have any memories. You didn't know anything regarding yourself, not even your own name. Taisho Alice Volume I. Taisho x Alice is an otome visual novel by developer Primula. The game is notable for its cast of husbandos being based on female fairytale characters, such as Cinderella and Princess Kaguya. The artwork is quite good and the boys are cute - I remember hearing about this game when it was first announced years ago and being interested in eventually playing Sub Judice. Arisu and Alice, their adventure begins with their first encounter. Taisho Alice is the first otome game series from Primula, the company behind. After you finished Alice's route in Taisho x Alice epilogue you unlock Yurika's side of the story. A cheerful and energetic girl, who is also. This is the review for the Vita port of Taisho Alice but there's actually no . He says that Yurika is a hostage and then brings in Alice to monitor.