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HOW TO SET PEOPLESOFT COOKIES ENABLED FOR F5 LOAD BALANCE WITH COOKIES ENABLED STICKY SESSION: —> For customers that use a Load Balancer, Oracle recommends using a cookie (session) based load balancer and sticky bits enabled. Please consider using cookie insertion and ensure that load balancer’s cookie is configured to be in the same domain. Load Balancing Oracle WebLogic Server with NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus; The mandatory zone parameter specifies a shared memory zone where all information about sticky sessions is kept. In our example, the zone is named client_sessions and is 1 megabyte in size. Apr 17,  · This allows the web server plug-in or hardware load balancer to route all RMI requests from a particular client back to the same server in the cluster for the duration of that session. Note: External load balancers distribute initial context requests that . The WebLogic Apache http plug-in handles WebLogic session persistence, even if a session is routed to a different Apache server during the. In a previous WebLogic Server release, a change was introduced to the SessionID format that caused some load balancers to lose the ability to retain session. As a result, you have to set up proxy servers or load-balancers to load-balance HTTP requests with a “sticky” load-balancing policy. This ensures HTTP requests .