Sli compatibility bits fsx

Jul 23,  · The most important parameter is "SLI compatibility bits (DX1x)" or without DX1x if your game is a DX9 one. That is the one that defines the way SLI will work. That value will change from game to game (game family since many games share same compatibility bits) But it is extremely hard to find a good SLI bit value on your own. May 16,  · I have been testing FSX on the Windows 7 bit RC for 4 days now, and have found a few issues with application compatibility, mostly the way dynamic graphics such as glass cockpit displays perform. Although I'm running mainstream hardware such as Nvidia's GTS video cards (2 in SLI mode · I will test FSX later and look if I have same. · My. Jun 08,  · This is not to say it isn't a good program or platform. Unfortunately for FSX users, its time has passed. PD3 V4 is very smooth and provides without any add-ons a very realistic (as far as a $60 flight sim program can provide) flight sim experience. PD3 V4's autogen is superior to FSX and even (IMO) the 32 bit versions. I am a bit confused about the advanced settings under the heading SLI. and setup an SLI profile for I have two GTXs in SLI in order to run three monitors with FSX. 11 when i would use nvidia inspector i would have SLI compatibility bits. There is a new section named Compatibility in the new Inspection and Flight is showing under SLI Compatibility bits (DX10) is this for FSX from this look like SLI compatibility for FSX to you. 1) Change "SLI compatibility bits (DX10 + DX11)" to 0xF1 many with SLI enabled manually with NVIDIA Profile Inspector and the bits.