Sgc tuner dipole antenna

Jul 03,  · SGC Tuning through the Bands Make sure your power source is very steady for feeding the tuner. SGC has many models if you go to their . May 24,  · I was wondering a few things i read about in my sgc tuner manual about dipoles a) they say or sorta recomend that if your making a simple horiz ctr fed dipole, it's 'best' to have one leg longer why is that 'a good idea' what happens that makes this sorta advisable b) they recomend the longer leg to be the rf 'ground'' side, really. The tuner is mounted at the top of a m fibreglass pole, which is clamped by means of a straight-coupler to a standard 2" diameter aluminium mast. One side of the dipole goes to the antenna terminal, and the other side goes to the earth terminal. The SGC 'Smartuner'™ and its use in a balanced antenna configuration. Then came Hi-Fi systems, each with a cute folded-dipole antenna with a Surely what is needed then, is a remote-controlled antenna tuner, on a stick in the. dom-length dipole fed with an open-wire feed line. be the two halves of your dipole (di pole But what if you own a radio with a built-in antenna tuner?. 1) Any comments on the relative merits of the SGC versus the Icom AH4? balanced antennas such as non-resonant dipoles and small loops directly with.