Run mac os on linux pc

On my PowerPC I can use SheepShaver to run Classic apps. The Mac-on-Linux project can run OS X apps, but it requires a PowerPC, not an x Virtualizing and emulating are inefficient, especially given the wonderful results the WINE project has had in getting Windows apps to run on Linux. Jan 29,  · The minimum RAM required to run Mac on Windows is, 4GB. But if your computer has total 4GB RAM then you can allocate 2GB ( MB) to the virtual machine. Step: 4 After selecting the RAM, now time to create a virtual hard disk. Select “Create a virtual hard disk now” option and then click on Create button. Mar 03,  · I once used VMware player and the OS X images floating around on the internet. VMWare works better than Virtualbox, but the experience is a bit slow. Also software built on a Hackintosh may get rejected by apple. I did it in the spirit of science. Well if we assume that by 'legally' you mean according to Apple's EULA [there's a lot of bickering about that, so to avoid complication that's the. Do you find yourself needing macOS for certain things after having Create Virtual Machine w/ existing vmdk that's in the rar file you In the terminal, cd to the directory where you downloaded the setup script to and run: Editing files in your Linux Virtual Machine made a lot easier with Remote VSCode. you can run Mac-on-Linux as a normal user. run startmol --osx (just startmol for Mac OS 9).