Risen 2 or gothic 3

Gothic 3 is the third installment of the Gothic series, released in It takes place after the events Gothic II: Night Of The Raven and begins when the Nameless Hero and his friends arrive on the Esmerelda (the ship from the second game) to the mainland of Mrytana, where the Orcs have. Nov 09,  · Your help is appreciated, but now you have me divided between Gothic 2, Gothic 3, and Risen - shame on you! Now I will go read up on what information / non-spoiler videos I can find on these three games. If you have any more to add, feel free, but no spoilers! User Info: xbook.infoing System: PC, X While Gothic 2 will stand as my favorite from the Gothic or Risen series, My overall order as of now (with only about 8 hours in to Risen 3) Gothic 2 (with or without the expac, G2 is #1 either way) > Gothic 1 > Risen 1 > Gothic 3 > Risen 3 > Risen 2. I think Gothic 1 and 2 are better than anything from the Risen series. (I liked Risen 2 better than most people.) I think Risen 3 is better than. Eurogamer put lead Risen 2 game designer Michael Hoge and brand manager Daniel Gothic 3 was their previous project before Risen 1. For Risen 2: Dark Waters on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled I recently got my hands on Gothic 3 and at the beginning, I was.