Revit to sketchup plugin

Plugin Vs. DWG Comparison. As mentioned above, there is a trade off between materials and editability when deciding on which method to use. The geometry exported using the two plugins above is triangulated, and faces that share a common edge in Revit result in two edges that are very close together in SketchUp. Oct 12,  · Transferring a Revit model to Sketchup is one of the first steps I take towards creating an awesome rendering. This is the first part of a tutorial series that takes a model from Revit to Sketchup. The rvt2skp PRO plugin enables the Revit to SketchUp export option in Revit — conserving geometry, materials, textures, and linked models of your 3D model. Features Pricing Support. Revit to SketchUp, Fast. The one-click plugin that converts Revit projects to SketchUp models. The plugin enables the user to export Autodesk® Revit® files directly from inside Revit to Sketchup files. When installing the plugin the user will. This tutorial will show you how to export a Revit file to SketchUp. There are two methods for transferring a model. The first is by using a plugin, and the second is . 1. Turn off Model Categories in Revit This will reduce the file size tremendously, making it much easier to transfer and work within.