Pakistan made weapons adobe

Feb 05,  · The KRL performs variety of weapons science and engineering projects for Pakistan Armed Forces. Since the s, the KRL is involved in numerous military equipment and conventional weaponry development projects. The resulting systems have been put into service by the Pakistan's military and exported to other friendly nations. Pakistan-made weapons showcased at exhibition. However, there were also some stalls which put to show imported weapons like bow and arrows, air guns and air pistols. The chairperson of the Pakistan Hunting and Sporting Arms Development Company (PHSADC), Zahidullah Shinwari, inaugurated the show and said the event will help bring forward the talent of gunsmiths. Feb 04,  · Weapons made in Pakistan I was just pissed at some members who were saying that pak didnt have a military industrial base. So decided to make a thread on this topic. Would appreciate help in compiling. Guys lets try not to repost images if they have been posted earlier in this thread. Submachine gun, West Germany, MP5A2, MP5P3 variants manufactured by POF . Colt M4 · PEO M4 Carbine RAS M68 A pack of colorful fantasy weapons for your own use. if you do happen to do use it give me credit for whatever it is your using. Thanks! If you have trouble. Despite decades of lavish funding to Pakistan, the Saudis might wonder what In , after intense U.S. pressure on Pakistan's military ruler.