Malice jewel brave frontier global

Describe Brave Frontier in one word. 15 · 4 comments. Finally got them 27 · 1 comment. Guide Guide for Malice Jewel (Text Version) (xbook.inforontier) / Wish someone who has crafted Malice Jewel can confirm where the item drops. Maybe you should keep both location/boss you had listed before and the one on wiki till you can get a. This god doesn't exist in this world. The only thing present is the jewel of an illusion." Side-Note. A jewel rumored to give Mistzug his power. Sale Price: 50 Zel Extra Skill: Crafting. Malice Jewel: 1 Armor of Seals: 3 How to Obtain. Raid Battle - Mistzug Colosseum - Stage 21, Green Chest, 1, CBP (2 Brave Frontier Wiki is a FANDOM. Mar 17,  · Brave Frontier Global Frontier Hunter Season EX Terminus(Fail) Damn Nation Gaming. Ciara(A): Malice Jewel and Omni Gizmo (Friend)Avant(B): Dandelga and Metal Orb. I just cleared all of the raid quests and would like to start farming for Malice Jewel. Is there a list of the items I need and which bosses drop. current content done i decided to Farm for malice Jewel Materials. contrib points are not currently giving better rare drop rates in Global. For the Malice Jewel I need the Queen Jewel and it drops from Melion. Melion appears very often in Raid Battle Queen Jewel .