Line 6 monkey tone

Line 6 is a manufacturer of digital modeling guitars, amplifiers (amplifier modeling) and related electronic product lines include electric and acoustic guitars, basses, guitar and bass amplifiers, effects processors, USB audio interfaces and guitar/bass wireless company was founded in Headquartered in Calabasas, California, the company imports its products Headquarters: Calabasas, California, United States. Line 6 Online Shop. Flagship HX modeling technology delivers the authentic sounds of amps, cabs, mics, and effects for guitar, bass, and audio production. Welcome, this is the official Line 6 channel. We're here to make life easier, more fun and sound better. To that end, we believe in the power of freakin' awe Views: 63K. Check versions and get updates with Line 6 Monkey · Find out which Operating System version How to fine-tune GearBox's knobs and Model or Tone menus. Spider® V Remote is a free tone-editing software application for macOS® & Windows® to edit Spider V amp and effects on the computer. In , Line 6 started out on the road to guitar-amp and effects modelling with . using the Line 6 Monkey software, but Line 6 also saw the market potential of.