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SoCal singer lets loose a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of emotions with new EP UpcomingSoCal singer lets loose a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of emotions with new EP LOS ANGELES, CA – In Greek Mythology, Pandora’s Box was a dangerous object that when opened first elicited good things but which eventually unleashed a mountain of problems. 'Curse of La Llorona' Looks to Lead Calm Weekend Before the 'Avengers' Storm 18 April | Box Office Mojo Clint Eastwood May Direct ‘The Ballad of Richard Jewell’. When we are introduced to the woman, she is sitting in the cafe minding her own business until she looks up and sees the man. She is a bit too large for the window frame, and it becomes obvious that she does not belong there--that she is separate from her location. Jake Broido Directed by: Jimmy Tatro and Jake Broido but I've picked. Trova il testo di Your Melody Feat. Jake Broido di Dave Days su Rockol. Looking all around, You were right in front of me. Baby, believe me: I could sing you to. Jake Broido For All Eyes Only All songs Looks L.A. (Provided) 2. Unexpected(Provided) Burgandy(Provided) 4.I Love Music(Provided) 5. Jake Broido - About Us (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Straight off that I've been facing / Nascar my minds I've been waiting so long for something so good.