Init el emacs mac

In Emacs 22 and later, the init file may also be xbook.infod/ Many of the other files that are created by lisp packages are now stored in xbook.infod directory too, so this keeps all your Emacs related files in one place. All the files mentioned above should go in your HOME directory. I am using the Emacs for Mac OSX app, and I need to modify the file, according to the instructions on problem is I can't find any file. Is there one in an obscure location, or is there some other file serving the same purpose? At startup, Emacs executes an Emacs Lisp script named ~/.emacs (recent versions also look for ~/ and ~/.emacs.d/; Emacs will execute the first one it finds, ignoring the rest). This personal customization file can be arbitrarily long and complex, but typical content includes. This file, if it exists, specifies how to initialize Emacs for you. Emacs looks for your init file using the filenames ~/.emacs, ~/, or ~/.emacs.d/ ; you. Entries in the ~/.emacs.d/customizations are of the form This guarantees initialization ordering (which can be useful), and allows. Typically, this will be ~/.emacs, ~/ or ~/.emacs.d/ A popular alternative is but I.