Html link to exe file

May 20,  · file from link on web page? SharePoint > There are security concerns but you can use WebRun to run exe files from html links. We use the pro version which also has a whitelist feature. Thursday, September 11, PM. Reply | Quote. Jun 08,  · An HTA is an application, written with HTML. You code it like you would with HTML, but since it runs locally and not on a web server, you can execute files without the security limitations that a web page would have. Perhaps you create the HTA and save it on a network share, use GPO to create a shortcut to that file on their desktop, etc. These files will not open in your default file handler (e.g. MS Word or VLC Media Player), and you will not be able to do anything like ask File Explorer to open the file's location. This is an extremely good thing for your security. I would like to put file to be downloaded from my web site. HTML Code Clinic Do you have some HTML code you'd like to share and Most browsers will automatically prompt to save or open the file when the link is clicked, but you . Somehow, there is an applet in HTML that can host a java application in it. So, you can run that Java application in your website, file is not runnable. href="javascript:LaunchApp()">Launch the executable. You can not start/execute file that resides locally on the users machine or through a site. The user must first download the exe file and then run the.