How to welcome international students

by admin. Welcome wishes for the students are sent to welcome them to the institution and the new curriculum. The welcome wishes are sent through beautiful cards as the students arrive in the institution or classes. Some institutions also send welcome wishes to the students through emails and text messages for the students. The International Student Welcome Programme is a one-day event. It will help you meet new people and introduce you to living and studying in the UK. The programme is an excellent opportunity to meet staff and students at the University and become familiar with the campus before your lectures start. Jan 28,  · Create the best welcome for your international students A structured programme of events. Organising a structured programme is the best way Who to involve in planning a welcome week. Importance of feedback. In order to improve your programme for the future, A good case study. Here are some tips on how to go about ensuring that your international students are made to feel welcome in their first week at your institution. Nearly international students come to the U.S. each year to study at universities across the country. Simple Ways to Welcome Your New International Students On Campus. Laura Burge | January 13, Back in the history books when I was a student.