How to play test server wot

Apr 20,  · World of Tanks official forum → News and Information → News and Information → Testing Grounds; Testing Grounds. Testing Grounds Important information. Forum Rules Posted by NyxWGA, Aug 12 Wargaming Legal Documention Common Test Server - Multithreading Feedback Started by Hard_As_Iron. Public test server for World of Tanks now open Developer Wargaming have pried open the doors to their World of Tanks test server once again, and this time players have the chance to beta test. If you need help you can contact me, i’m playing on test server for testing (oblivious) Ive watched SPG stats, its nothing really big more or less the same as before: one shoot killed (or 2 shoots if gun not this powerfull), Tier 9 seem to be “old tier 8” / “new tier 10” spg with a little less power, for the other i didnt really watched as some are tier 2 other tier 4 and there is. i can't find the announcement for hte test server update with the link to the big orange bar that says "download the test client installer". And the link in the Guide to public tests doesnt work. I get a This site cannot be reached error. I had to remove the test from last time to make. The game servers used for public testing have limited capacity, therefore it may happen that you won't be able to log in to the game immediately, but you will be.