Fs 700 picture profiles

Oct 07,  · I have been looking at some other picture profiles claiming to offer a log style curve or the maximum dynamic range from the camera. One in particular caught my eye as the creator advocates the use of a very high black level setting. Normally the black level setting does nothing more than set . CPF-LOG Picture Profiles for the FS, with in-camera LUT from Crooked Path Films on Vimeo. For complete instructions on the workflow and the profile settings, GO HERE: “CPF-LOG” PICTURE PROFILE for the SONY NEX-FS with LUT! Hope FS users can find this a very helpful technique/profile to adopt into their We've taken an in-depth look at the Sony NEX-FS before, and Andy and I finally had the opportunity to put together some scene files for the camera. The scene files we've built are an attempt to match some of the other profiles we've created for other cameras and should serve as a great starting. Best you search here at dvxuser with "FS picture profile" my favorite was. Black level +2. Gamma Cine4 Black gamma – range middle, level. I am shooting a white back round interview on the FS and I am looking for suggestions with the picture profiles. In the past I have loaded. what's your guys favorite flat picture profile/picture profile/low light profile for this cam? my school has one and I've been messing around with it.