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Jan 20,  · How do you open and read PDF file in your developing android application? Update Cancel. a d b y C o d e F e l l o w s. Want to become a software developer in Seattle? And, Refer the example from GitHub. Cheers! k views · View 2 Upvoters. Thank you for your feedback! Your feedback is private. Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Android Internal Storage: In Android you can also save files (text file etc) directly on the device’s internal storage. By default,Saving and Loading Files to the internal storage are private to your application and different applications will not access them (nor can the user). once the user uninstalls this application, these files will automatically remove. Android uses a file system that's similar to disk-based file systems on other platforms. This page describes how to work with the Android file system to read and write files with the File APIs.. A File object works well for reading or writing large amounts of data in start-to-finish order without skipping around. For example, it's good for image files or anything exchanged over a network. Every app project must have an file (with precisely that name) at the Example: With the above manifest, an activity declared as < activity. Because of this behavior, you should not use internal storage to save anything the user expects to persist independently of your app. For example, if your app. All android app internal data files is saved in /data/data/app package name > folder like below. In this example, my app data internal file is.