Factor analysis using rapid miner

Apr 17,  · The Web Mining extension for RapidMiner provides access to internet sources like web pages, RSS feeds, and web services. In this tutorial, we're going to use it to make HTTP requests to the Text Analysis API. In part 2 we will use it to scrape information from web pages such as Rotten Tomatoes. Requirements. RapidMiner v+. In this tutorial we’re going to show you how easy it is to analyze customer opinion in reviews and social media content using the “Text Analysis by AYLIEN” Extension for RapidMiner. In particular we will walk you through building a review analysis process using our Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis feature to mine and analyze customer reviews. Linear Discriminant Analysis (RapidMiner Studio Core) (PCA) and factor analysis in that both look for linear combinations of variables which best explain the data. LDA explicitly attempts to model the difference between the classes of data. PCA on the other hand does not . February edited November in Help but looking into it, it seems using R and a straightforward factor analysis is the way to go?. Using RapidMiner's normalize operator to standardize data before running principal component analysis. In this three part series, we explore how one can use RapidMiner , the open source analytics package to run a Principal Component.