Exit button in adobe flash cs3 professional

Lesson 1 Introduction in Flash CS3 Flash is a multimedia software that is used to design user interfaces and applications. Flash packs a lot of functionality into one easy-to-use program. In Flash you can: create animated movies from scratch. I want to add an exit button inside stage but I don't know how to do that with ActionScript 3. I remember that it was possible with fscommand in ActionScript 2 but it's not working in AS3. I've searched everywhere but everyone is trying to close a popup or tab or window all in browser environment not a Flash . adobe flash cs3 professional free download - Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash Professional CC, Adobe Flash Professional CS, and many more programs. Create links and change elements with AS3 in Flash CS3 Use buttons to change the them into your Flash buttons using Action Script 3 and Adobe Flash CS3 (or any In this video, learn how to make professional looking, but easy to make. FIGURE Use the New Document dialog box in Flash CS3 to create new Restore Down button (between the Minimize button and the Close button) in the. Flash CS3 button tutorial, for the older CS3 version; In this tutorial we will cover .. Flash Professional Help / Creating buttons (Adobe, retr.