Ea app authenticator adobe

Set up Adobe Authenticator. In the 2-Step Verification section, click Manage. If you do not see the Manage button, first set up 2-Step verification as explained in Set up 2-step verification. Click Setup a code generator app. Open Adobe Authenticator and click Scan Code to . Use 2-step verification for older products. In the Email address field, enter your Adobe ID. In the Password field, enter your password, followed by a colon (:) and the code from the authenticator app. For example, if your password is abcdef and the code generated by the authenticator app is , enter abcdef in the Password field, as shown in the image below. Open the authenticator app and choose to manually add an account. Scan the QR code or enter the secret key from the Set up an App Authenticator window to link your app to your EA Account. Enter your app's code found under Electronic Arts and click Save. Now when we ask you for a Login Verification code. . . Stay connected to your FUT 19 club through the EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Companion app. You can choose to have this code sent to you by email, text, call, or the app authenticator. Set up more than one method of getting codes so you.