Cod waw steam mod wont s

To load up custom COD maps you first download them and put the folder of the map in the right spot usually in the mods folder of your WAW directory. Then on the main menu click on mods and click on the map you want to play after that click the " ` " key right under yoru esc key and type in map followed by the name of the map it's under. I see that there is a mod menu at the main menu. I cant find the place where im supposed to place the mods. Any help? (s), including Steam Community bans and VAC bans. How do I install mods onto CoD:WaW with windows 8? submitted 5 years ago by [deleted. Mods wont show up in the cod waw folder and in the game (xbook.infotomzombies) submitted 3 years ago by Guywithagunw So yesterday i was downloading some mods for Cod waw but once im done downloading them they just wont show up. Page 1 of 2: Like, I double click and nothing happens. World at War won't start .. You use the steam exe for that right?. I have no idea what the issue is. is say. "Preparing to launch Call of Duty: World at War", then that little When i boot up it says run in safe mod if i click yes it glitches out and wont play when i click no it still dont work HELP!. and a map of steam with in CodWaw. App manager will start the custem maps/ mods, it do work thanks. . well but.. the maps wont show up in game, so when I go to mods in the main menu of COD:WAW there are no mods.