Backup and recovery manager

During the HP Recovery Manager backup operation, a folder was created on the USB storage device, CD, DVD, or hard drive that you specified. Take note of the name of this folder. For example - Backup Files Among the files listed inside this folder is an executable file named Remote Monitoring & Management Protect your customers with a platform from the global leader in monitoring and management. Backup & Recovery Manage backup for servers, workstations, applications, and business documents from one cloud-based dashboard. Mail Protection & Archiving Protect users from email threats and downtime. Prepare backup and recovery approaches to avoid data loss. For Configuration Manager sites, a backup and recovery approach can help you to recover sites and hierarchies more quickly, and with the least data loss. The sections in this article can help you back up your sites. To recover a site, see Recovery for Configuration Manager. Hey,. You can use Backup&Recovery Manager to monitor Avamar and Data Domain. Please deploy Backup&Recovery Manager with this doc. If your system came with Dell DataSafe or Dell Backup and Recovery Manager and you would like more information on these products, please see the Legacy. Hey Dstrarm,. You are right. Please deploy Backup&Recovery Manager with this doc. EMC Backup & Recovery Manager Version Sizing.