Adobe photoshop background layers

Colorize a single layer in the layer stack. With the Color Fill layer selected in the Layers panel, right-click the layer name (to the right of the layer’s thumbnail images) and choose Create Clipping Mask. This indents the Color Fill layer in the Layers panel, indicating that it’s affecting only the layer directly below. The Background Layer. The background layer is created for you by Photoshop. It is the layer that is created every time you create a new image or document - unless you create a new image with a transparent background. A background layer is locked. This means that you cannot move it. However, you can paint on it or add images to it. Layer basics - Duplicate a Photoshop layer or group within an image Select a layer or group in the Layers panel. Do one of the following:Drag the layer or group to the Create a New Layer Duplicate Layer or Duplicate Group from the Layers menu or the Layers panel menu. Enter a name. In Adobe Photoshop, learn more about the background layer, the bottommost layer in the Layers palette. Or choosing Flatten Image from either the Layers Panel or Layers Menu will collapse/merge all layers down to a "background" layer. My Photoshop opens photos with the background locked. Help! Have no fear, we have the answers for how you can unlock a background layer.